S  E  A  T  T  L  E ,   W  A

H I S T O R Y  of  I T I N E R A S
classic mid-century motor yacht
USCG Documented Vessel # 501181
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1964 Chris Craft color catalog cover
Chris Craft Equipment Record for Itineras, created upon its construction Nov 25, 1964
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Rex Marine Center 1948
Rex Marine Center circa 1963 with the salesmen who sold the new vessel to Alvin Levy in 1965.
Full Chain of Ownership
Compiled from USCG Title Abstract, USCG Archives,
The Mariners Museum Chris Craft Archives,
National Archives at New York City and Rex Marine Center.
November 1964


The vessel was constructed in Algonac, Michigan by Chris-Craft Corporation for Rex Marine Center, certified by Eugene Sabin, Master Carpenter for Chris-Craft. The 1964 base list price for the vessel was $61,090.
October 1965
Alvin H Levy purchased the vessel from Rex Marine Center with a trade-in and $32,500. The vessel was documented with the USCG, named Re Ality and moored in NYC.
Rex Marine Center was started as a family business in 1936 and was Connecticut's first Chris-Craft dealer. Alvin Levy was Rex Marine Center's 165th customer. The Gardella family still operate Rex Marine Center.
Dec 1976
Alfred Schneider Jr bought Re Ality from Alvin Levy.
Sept-Oct 1979
Re Ality's moorage was moved from NYC to Seattle and Alfred Schneider sold Re Ality to Warren Nelsen.
June 1985
Warren Nelsen sold Re Ality to Richard & Karol Cahan.
January 1986
Richard & Karol Cahan renamed Re Ality to Destiny.
March 1990
Warren Nelsen bought Destiny back from Richard & Karol Cahan.
March 1991
Warren Nelsen renamed Destiny to Blue Moon.
May 1992
Warren Nelsen sold 50% ownership of Blue Moon to Robert G Nelson.
May 1996
Warren Nelsen bought back 50% ownership of Blue Moon from Robert G Nelson.
May 2005
Warren Nelsen sold Blue Moon to Stephen & Sherrie Brown.
June 2005
Stephen & Sherrie Brown renamed Blue Moon to Ephraim.
January 2011
Stephen & Sherrie Brown sold Ephraim to Mike Schultz and Steven Sanford.
March 2011
Mike Schultz and Steven Sanford renamed Ephraim to Itineras.